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Best workout routines for women

We see some women have beautiful figures with a very low body fat and toned, sleek muscles that is because they train harder than other women and they follow best workout routines .there is a lot of workout routines for women which we will discuss in this article. Women should follow body workouts routines to get the best result and to help in regular stretching and toning of the body.
Workout program for women will be consist of five days of training. Three days of them will include cardio training for 10 – 30 minute and other two days will be weight training only. In this workout routine there is two days of rest and you will deserve it.
Cardio training is very important as it improve muscle energy and oxygen delivery to muscles and that will help you to shed fat for slimmer, toned look.
We will discuss 4 weeks of best workout routine for women as the following:
Week one:
In this week you have to end the exercise in each workout as leg press. You will do one set of this exercise and take a rest for 30 seconds then do another second set then do the third set. Then do the next exercise of the same set.
Week two:
Workout routine for this week will be the same as week one but you will increase number of reps for 15 for each sets and rest for 15 sec in between each set.
Week three:
In this week you will complete one set of each exercise for 15 reps but it will be without rest as example you will do first set of leg press for 15 reps, then after finishing the first exercise you will go immediately to the next exercise as squat and perform it for 15 reps without any rest between movements. After ending all movements, you will rest for one minute, then repeat the circle two more times. 
Week four:
Workout routines in this week will be different in reps as it will be only 12 reps of each movement, and you will complete four circle of exercise without any rest
After this four weeks of workout routines you will be stronger than before.


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