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Body building workouts for muscle gaining

It can be disappointing when you put in hard work at gym then, you are not seeing the aiming results you were expected. You will be frustrating especially after several weeks or months of work. So you can use this tips to learn how to build your muscle so you can be proud of your body.
  Tips for Body building workouts to gain muscle
-It's advisable to eat more food every day. You should eat enough to gain muscle well. If your weight around 170 pounds, so you need to eat around 4500-5000 calories every day to build muscle. Your muscle need more calories so they can grow larger.
-You should work out less. It's important to stop doing the same 5-7 day split with tons of sets per body part. You don’t need to work more to spark new growth. It's ok to work a muscle out hard and properly.
-Lift only 10 reps at maximum. You should lift weight that you are able to lift and you can only lift 10 times. Your muscle is forced to adapt progressively the higher stresses. You don’t need to kill your muscle as lifting more than 10 reps will stimulates your slow twitch muscle fibers, which have about 0% growth potential.
Examples of body building workouts
You have to do 2 set of everything and you should take about 30 seconds between sets.
Workout 1
1-push-ups (20 reps for 2 sets)
2-flat bench lying leg raise (20 reps for 2 sets)
3-decline reverse crunch (20 reps for 2 sets)
4-pushup (close and wide hand positions) (20 reps for 2 sets)
5-sit-up (20 reps for 2 sets)
6-scissor kick (20 reps for 2 sets)
7-side bridge (45 second holds and done for 2 sets)
8-pull-ups (8 reps for 2 sets)
Then you can proceed to body building workout 2
1-dumbbell lunges (20 reps for 1 set)
2-jogging treadmill (done 10 minutes)
3-arm circles (15 reps for 1 set)
4-standing calf raises (20 rep for 1 set)
5-push-ups with feet elevated (15 reps for 1 set)
6-bench dips (10 reps for 1 set)

Finally you can those body building workouts and start to gain muscle.


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