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Essential body building principles

Bodybuilding developed in the late 19th century, promoted in England by father of modern bodybuilding, German-born Eugene sandow. He allowed audiences to enjoy viewing his physique in muscle display performances.
How to begin body building
First of all, you need to see your doctor to do physical examination which will determine if you can do a body building program. You have to make sure that you are fit to do the workouts. Then, begin to set a goal for your body building program. Your goals should be:
·      Realistic: which mean that you should set your goals to accommodate what you can do.
·      Attainable: cut up the big goal, so you don’t get discouraged.
·      Practical: you should have the resources such as exercise mat and other equipment in order not to delay the body building program.
·      It’s better to choose simple moves as it is advisable to stick to regular bodybuilding routine for the first few months.
·      You have to increase weights gradually as it depends on your body’s capacity.
·      You shouldn’t push yourself too hard and you should make sure that you set aside a day to relax and release your pain.
What you should eat during body building
·      Eat whole wheat flour products
·      grilled or backed chicken or fish
·      drink a lot of water
·      low calorie fruit- flavored water
·      eat a lot of vegetables and fruits
·      you should avoid foods that might dynamite your body building program
Benefits of body building
1.    Health
Body building workouts improve your health because of the following:
ü Reduce heart diseases risks
ü Lower risk of diabetes and cancer breast
ü Decrease anxiety and stress
ü Control blood pressure

2.    Flexibility
It can build better flexibility in your body and it also decrease back and muscle pain.
3.    Strength
Workouts increase muscle strength, power and endurance.
4.    Body composition
After time, high-intensity practices can reduce excess body fat and decrease body weight. It helps to reshape your body composition. Exercises help to maintain a healthy mind.
5.    State of mind
It enhances your state of mind as your mind will be able to handle better stress. Overall health will increase, resulting in a good sleep.
6.    Posture
Body building also will affect your posture and enhance it.


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